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Fear... that toxic friend

Fear is like that toxic friend who will prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams, he will do it until YOU decide to face them. Then they won't bother you anymore, because they'll have noticed they won't be able to hold you back, they won't even ask and will banish away from your life. While at the same time you grow stronger, your character evolves and you unlock new perspectives of life.

Most of the times, the only thing you need to do to overcome your fears is ACT. You need to face your fear and understand that in a couple years it won't mean the same to you. Or are you still afraid of the monster that was hiding in your closet at night? How about the one below your bed? Bet you don't even recall those days.

Maybe not everyone has a "toxic friend", but everybody has fears. And just like toxic friends, what you usually just need to do with them is face them and replace them for more productive friends. Like positive thoughts (talking back on fears).

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